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German Shepherd Puppies born

Mia & Adalrick Puppies Born 16th :: A few puppies available.

East German DDR & Czech Puppies

DDR German Shepherds


" Striking looks - Great temperaments - Med & high drives. "

This line produces some of the most striking looking super healthy Shepherds. These lines took a long time to build, their kids show off why I worked so hard on these lines. Wow!. Heres a few highlights of what your new partner or kid will look like.
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Adalrick Mia Video

Reserve one or for more info 858.205.3202 JD

Pics of current litter.

German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

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DDR German Shepherd Puppys

Catering San Diego

Banking On Canine Stem Cells

Arizona German Shepherd


The ability to store the cells … is a great way to ensure that the dog will have access to a lifetime of cell therapy while reducing the number of anesthetic events,” said Bob Harman, CEO of Vet-Stem.

Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy is widely used to treat osteoarthritis, and tendon/ligament injuries. It is our expectation that the therapeutic use of adipose derived stem cells will continue to expand and add to the value of a lifetime supply of stem cells for dogs.

Bank of Stem Cells for dogs


Catering San Diego

Is garlic safe for dogs?

      German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

Garlic has long been used as a safe medicinal plant in holistic medicine for people and pets as well. However, recently, the safety of garlic on dogs (and cats) has come under close scrutiny due to its properties as a member of the Allium genus, a branch of the lily family, along with onions and shallots.s.

Garlic and Dogs


Top five pet poisons found in your house? Your purse!

      German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

That's right; your handbag is a reservoir for lots of things toxic to dogs and cats. In honor of Animal Poison Prevention week, urges pet owners to hang up their purses! Or at the very least, keep a watchful eye on your dog or cat if you have the following items on you.

Poisened by purse's


German Shepherd Puppy

Mia invites you to watch

DDR German Shepherds

Have you ever seen how dogs are born, and the process the mom goes through? Your about to follow Mia along in her journey to bring puppies into her life and yours. Im sure you will find this worth your time.....

I did not know that files:
Puppies being born


Catering San Diego

World's Shortest stick up ever!

      German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

That will teach you.

Hero Files: Dogs knaw's on robber

Reader submitted: Thanks Steve!


DDR German Shepherd Puppys

Thats serious jumping skills!

      Working German Shepherds

This dog must have been in a wheel chair later in life. but holy molie look at these jumps...

Wheel Chair Files : Doggie High Jump


DDR German Shepherd Puppys