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Catering San Diego
Please cover your muzzle when you bark.

If your boarding for the holidays or around alot
of other dogs some precaution.

DDR German Shepherds

Should take precautions if you will be boarding your Shepherd's over the holiday or if you frequent areas like dog parks.


Dog Flu (Slim to no chance in my un doctorial opinion)

These stories are popping up all over. Looks like another pharmaceutical PR job on this one. Get ready to say no thanks when visiting your Vet. As in most cases I'm against the Jab.

Dog Flu Affecting Canines

Kennel Cough in Dogs

Kennel cough is a highly contagious disease and is spread through the air. When an infected dog coughs or sneezes, the virus or the bacteria mixes with the air. Hence, when a healthy dog comes in contact with the infected dog, he too gets infected with kennel cough. This is alot more common. I have had my dogs vaccinated with the Bordetella if ever they go for training or kennel.

Kennel Cough in Dogs


German Shepherd Puppys

Catering San Diego

New Litter Adala & Mein First Week Of December

Arizona German Shepherd

- " Striking looks - Great temperaments "

Adala's & Mein produce Shepherds like most have never seen before. These lines took a long time to build, their kids show off why I worked so hard on these lines. Wow!. Here's a few highlights of what your new partner or kid will look like. These are all Mein and or Adalas kids. Click on image for full views or visit the web site for more info of to reserve.

German Shepherd Puppys  DDR German Shepherd East German Shepherd  

More on this litter: Mein & Adala



German Shepherd Puppy

Meet deep diving Bob

California German Shepherds

"Serious Doggy Paddle"

A lot of owners can claim that their dogs love the water. But Bob, a stunt-loving pooch in Bakersfield, California is taking his love to new depths. He's becoming known for his spiral diving stunt, pawing and clawing and paddling his way down to the depths of the deep end of his family's pool, then coming up for air with his prized toy in his mouth..... more here Funny Files: Bob's unique tricks


Catering San Diego

Why Every Family Needs a Dog

      German Shepherd Puppies for sale Arizona

Many parents resist getting a dog because their children already take up so much time and energy. And we get that. Honest, we do. But please allow us to present just one more reason families with small children — you know, the kind that are prone to crying — may want to get a pup.!

Funny Files: Dog Stops Temper Tantrum


German Shepherd Puppys


German Shepherd Puppys