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DDR German Shepherd Puppies Breeding

Pups are available from this litter. Carly is a spicy medium build with an enormous gene down line. Adalrick is a large powerful male 110lbs with serious agility and muscle mass. He can scale a 8 foot straight wall. He is a very social dog. Carly is aloof to strangers and more serious. Both are very stable confident dogs. Pups will be able to work and have nice off switches drives will be fairly balanced with higher prey drives then average DDR lines. They should provide great protection coming from both lines. Family companion and working class still available. Please call or email for availably and fit to need.

Reposted: 8.7.2015

Adalrick & Carly 2015: Males and Females Available

Please describe what your looking for in your next working partner Or family companion.

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