DDR working line dogs available 2

East German Line DDR dogs and puppies available for placement now:  


Best to call email or message for more information on the pups or dogs posted. I bred for work my family companion dogs are very active and can do most jobs but have an off switch. My working class dogs are defined as very little shut off switch, lets go go. Occasionally I do have have introductory working line dogs that will fit nicely as your first GSD. Call and let me know what your ability and ultimate goals are and will fit within that parameter the right dog or puppy to choose from.                                                                                   

We bred with purpose, preserve the old lines, enhancing for todays working requirements and replicate litter after litter, solid worling shepherds. Looks like no other, strong in defense, supreme in intelligence. Top quality family members and working dogs. We place our puppies into the right fitting environment. Every puppy is different just like each of your family members. Each are drawn to different skills sets. Tells us your needs and we will maximize the chance's of a perfect fit.