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DDR East German Working Dogs
Jagger DDR German Shepherd

Gigante’s Satan De L'Avia

Gigante's Forrest

Gigante's Forrest DDR Line Male

US Navy Combat Veteran Gigante's Jak

A properly breed GSD and the right fitting dog for your experience and expectations will be one of the most fulfilling of any breed, in my opinion. Fantastic family members, intuitive, protective & just all around great buds!

K9 Dogs for sale Arizona

Working German Shepherd dogs Arizona

The right lines, the right dog. Right here in the US.

DDR German Shepherd Puppies Available. East german working lines.
DDR German Shepherd

Gigante's Mein von Schone Stadt

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DDR German Shepherd Male
DDR German Shepherd Puppies

Gigante's Team Civil

DDR German Shepherd Male

Gigante's B'Lil

Gigante's Trac

DDR GermanShepherd Gigante's Trac

Available Puppies and Dogs

Our concept is, that of a well-structured, perfectly balanced dog capable of performing at the highest known levels.

Bringing “Work” Back To Working Line GSD. Steps To Success

V-Bojar-vom-SchotterhofPictures of the Old East Line DDR Shepherds


1Preserve. Strict guidelines imposed on the breed resulted in the creation of the DDR German Shepherd, one the finest working animals the world has ever had. Please note that most of the best dogs for breeding and security in the DDR did not go to the Military or Police they went to friends and families of the breeders… Read More

Mein_Hilltop_SUPER_CROPDDR Studs from Gigante K9. East German Shepherds


2 Solidify. The art of breeding is not in the two dogs being breed so much as its in both the dogs being breed and what happens when you mix the lines behind each dog. Scatter breeding, mixing show lines or mixing West or American has resulted in the degradation of the East lines. Our breeding stock is potent because of the lack of scatter breeding. Our Male GSD 

Mia_Stack_Wimage shadow Dr. Karen Becker: The Truth About Spaying and Neutering


3Enhance Preserving the DDR lines implies standing still, not improving the line. We need to both preserve the image, health & type then build on top just as the East German Breeders would have. The demands of a working K9 and the needs of family companion and protector have changed. We are committed to both, but breed for strength. Our Female GSD

Judge_Lay_LGDDR German Shepherd Puppies

DDR Puppies & Dogs

4Replicate. The single hardest thing in breeding is being able to replicate the best, litter after litter. Its easy to spot our puppies and dogs. Each litter is stamped with strong genetics, outstanding structure, stable temperament, medium to very high drives,head of the class workability & very intimidating looks. Available Puppies & Dogs

Brought to you by: DDR German Shepherd Dogs via Huzzaz

We bred with purpose, preserve the old lines, enhancing for todays working requirements and replicate litter after litter, solid worling shepherds. Looks like no other, strong in defense, supreme in intelligence. Top quality family members and working dogs. We place our puppies into the right fitting environment. Every puppy is different just like each of your family members. Each are drawn to different skills sets. Tells us your needs and we will maximize the chance's of a perfect fit.