Gigante Line Next Generations

Gigante’s Little Lies

Gigante’s Queenie

Gigante’s Izzy

Gigante’s Sueche

Gigante’s Pink (Retired)

Female East DDR lined from Gigante. Our females offer the size and intimidation that other breeders males rarely have. Strong bone very good mass and wicked agility are the traits we look for with the outside appearance of our females.

The insides is where our females really shine. Strong work ability and fierce nature when challenged is a prerequisite for producing good work dogs. The next good male breeding is what most kennels and breeders have focused on. However the best working kennels in the world throughout times have all grown to understand or as we do here that the females are the key to working dogs and puppies.

Many people choose a male for family or executive protection but here we send out many DDR trained females

DDR Siegrens 1949-1989

DDR German Shepherds :: East German Shepherd