Family/Executive Protection Work

Large powerful black and tan male with a decent off switch. Muscular and very imposing frame with great bone and super structure. Suitable for family or executive protection.


Training program to suit your needs and applications.


  • Family Protection
  • Executive Protection

Protection Dogs

Dependability, trust, and privacy. This is exactly what we offer in DDR trained protection dogs.

Family Protection:

Basic Obedience Package:

  • Come/Recall, Sit, and Prolong Sit
  • Down and Prolong Down
  • Place and Prolong Place: Basically teaching them to sit or stand on something a chair, a base, a table or pad.
  • Leave it: To leave things you asked them to alone
  • Leash Walking: They will walk right beside with or without leash.
  • Emergency down: Give a command and have the dog go into a down position with minimal distraction both at side or nearby with a little bit of distance.
  • Adjusted to living in home setting : Exposed to a variety of environments. Passed extensive health check, to include x-ray

Beginning protection:

Understanding the terminology the dog knows what the command means and what is expected of the dog when you say the command. Ready for final training and proofing.

  • Alert: Time to work. look around or focus on the trouble
  • Watch him: Focus on any threat but do not react.
  • Protect: Show aggression dog should place themselves between you and the aggressor. Staying there at alert with focus and bark on threat.
  • Bite: Dog will recognize term and bite the aggressors equipment.
  • Defend handler in vehicle. Show aggression “when asked”

Full Warranty — 100% Satisfaction

Status Unreserved: Reserve Kris Munroe Now: $2500 Complete Price $5500. Call to reserve this male and customize training to fit your needs. Call for more information on availability. Only telephone calls for trained dogs, thank you for your understanding.