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I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed with my first Shepherd a black and tan West German named Seer. She was one of the smartest, most intuitive dogs I have ever seen. Full of talent she soon taught me all the skills she had in her. Skills like tracking & finding every lost kitten, chicken or puppy, climbing ladders to join me on the roof, right,left,back,forward verbally or by hand sign.

Once sent on a catch and take down I would call out a body part and she would take you down by that part. The list goes on and on. She was truly one in a million. I began to read & research the breed shortly after getting her in 1998. Every once in a while I would come across a GSD that looked crazy different then the American elongated, tall and thinner GSD.

Everyone had the look of a professional athlete, if you will. Thick solid chests, a more squared frame and head.

Everywhere I found this look, I found the DDR moniker. So, began the thirst for East German DDR knowledge. I learned that the breeders of the former East Germany (DDR) not only breed this body style into existence they breed out many problem issues with the health of the dogs.

They choose the most potent bloodline’s and then breed only within that. Through development and a detailed system, these breeders managed to achieved a most amazing German Shepherd. Physical characteristics, such as big bones, thick chests, deep dark pigments, a more square conformation, thick head and short muzzle. Traits like temperament, drive, heart and focus where also honed in on.

I found a web site with the lines that I had researched and found had most, if not all I was looking for. Adalrick was my first East DDR, and oh what a good one! Big German Shepherds lines in this boy.

Poco his sire was enormous well over 100 lbs. Adalricks grandpa Yake Vom Schwarzhorn brought with him some great Old DDR lines like V Held vom Ritterberg and Lord vom Gleisdreieck.

Gigante Line DDR German Shepherds

My neighbors were sure that I had found a small California black bear, having not seen a big pure Black German Shepherd.

I’m still not quite sure why, but to me the scariest looking German Shepherd is the Sables, especially the Dark Sable Shepherds. When I went through the lines for Mein It seemed that each one also had that thick thick body style with a great square head. Solid German Shepherds from some really solid old DDR real working lines.

Gigante Line Mein von Schone Stadt

These old lines looked like the professional athlete. Mein’s Sire SG Ali von den Schwedenschanzen has a great thick body style and blocky square head, real square body style which gives our lines speed and agility
I was so thrilled with these find, I also acquired a sisters as well. Ali’s nerves are rock solid and he will bite for real (these traits passed to Mien as his bite is deep and hard.) Ali had a very nice pedigree, sire is Henk von der Moschel SchH3 Kkl1, maternal grandsire is Tino Felsenschloss SchH3,FH2,IPO3 Kkl1, and going back to Don vom Rolandsteich, Filou vom Kaolinsee, Lord vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen.

Ali is SG rated, SchH1, and Kkl1. Hips are certified “a” normal, elbows normal. He carries two normal copies of the gene associated with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) N/N. According to the recent research on DM, no puppy sired by Ali will be at risk for developing degenerative myelopathy.

Norbo Ben Ju

If I had to pick one dog with all the body traits that I have mentioned that come with our puppies, by far one of the most amazing looking and down right scary when being charged by, has to be VELMI DOBRY NORBO BEN-JU.

That’s one Big Thick German Shepherd. Aiden von Hard Haus was brought into our lines to bring this big boys thickness and pure power, Aiden with us for just a short time, unfortunately he was lost by a trainer in the Menifee, Ca area. We where fortunate enough to have had an accidental litter (only in timing) between Adala and Aiden. From this litter we kept the pick of the litter and we bring Norbo forward with our boy Trac.

Gigante Line Gigante's Trac

Trac is amazingly smart like his father Aiden. He brings his moms toughness (Adala) into all his future lines. Look at that great head. Trac has a crazy high desire to please as well, this makes training these guys and there off spring a lot easier.Jagger DDR Male German Shepherd

Once my working foundation dogs where set and I was confident with the results that they brought, I began looking for the right male for the generations to come. That proved to be no easy task, having pulled in and breed in (Trac) serious stallion’s the bar was set high. The better east lines have been washed out almost to oblivion and those very few with the older working lines don’t let go often, even to help fortify what is left of the better working blood pool. Jagger Years went by with no real solid candidates for consideration.

Theres a vast difference in what amounts to the East show line which sadly represents most of the blood pool left and whats needed to bolster hardness, work ability & very healthy lines. A major stroke of luck occurred in 2013. FurthermorA Rasputin son a pick of the litter from his breeding was made available. Rasputin

Rasputin’s breed survey list his fight drive as pronounced which is rather rare now a days, when deserved. Rasputin’s owner states him as a very serious dog, very challenging to the helpers in all phases of protection work.

It took almost 2 seconds to make this decision and pull the trigger, bringing this amazing lined dog in. Welcome Jagger!

Here’s what our males bring to your new kid or partner:

• Robust health

• Confident temperament

• Very high intelligence

• Super train ability

• Outstanding structure

Our males also bring to the table the more elusive, masculine traits, such as:

• Pronounced masculinity

• Powerful bone

• Unsurpassed pigment

• Strong stable character

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